5 Steps to a Winning Community Newspaper Website


A winning community-newspaper website.

You're doing great work for the community. Extend your impact, with help from an effective website.


A successful website for a community newspaper will grow your readership.

A successful website for a community newspaper will help you get in front of more readers and more advertisers, while saving you and your people time and trouble.

Offload subscriptions to the website to handle, whether you charge for your newspaper or not. Customised forms for feedback, Letters, submissions that go straight where you want them to.

An effective website can be a BIG help in achieving your community-newspaper objectives. Spread the word, get greater engagement and involvement, keep everyone in the loop, encourage your locals to send in stories and articles.

Understand why your requirements should focus on your key stakeholders
Think about why your website is an investment, not a cost to your organisation
Find out about SMART goals and why these are vital for your community centre's website
Consider the value added by a website professional when it comes to design and function
Learn about critical facilities a community-centre website should include
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